I miss my sister

My sister Callie disappeared a long time ago. I don't know where she went or what happened to her. Mom brought her into the room where I was sleeping one day and I gave her a quick lick on her side. Mom was crying and then she took Callie away in her cat carrier. That's the last time I ever saw her. I miss her a lot. We were inseparable. Mom says we we've been together for over 16 years but I don't really know how long that is.

Have you seen her? This a picture of her from when we lived in that place called Nevada:

That's our step sister Izzy in the background.

Since she is sleeping you can't see Callie's pretty blue eyes. She was a really gorgeous cat. My fur was softer and silkier, but Callie was definitely the looker.

She didn't like Mico much either. She always protected me from him when he would attack me. I still need her help. He's very mean to me.

Callie, where are you? I miss you. Won't you please come home?


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Not feeling well

I've been very sick lately. Mom took me to the doctor the other day and they stuck needles in me, took out my blood, and then squeezed my butt really hard. It hurt so bad I cried really loudly. Mom has been really worried about me. I wish I could tell her what was wrong. When we got home from the doctor she locked me in a room by myself with some food, water and my own litter box. The litter felt funny under my feet and there was hardly any of it in the box. It was the same litter that she made me use last fall when I was sick. Anyway I waited over 6 hours before I finally peed. Mom came in with a suction-thing and sucked all my pee into it. She's really weird.

Yesterday Mom took me back to the doctor. A nice lady petted me and talked to me. Then she stuck a needle in me! It only hurt for a second. I felt some liquid going in under my skin - it was strange. Then the lady and Mom took turns pulling the needle out and sticking me several times. It wasn't very fun but I felt too weak to fight. I just mewed once or twice while they stood around me and watched some liquid in the big bag that was hanging over me go down the tube and into me! After 15-20 minutes they took out the needle, stuck me back in my travel cage and we went home. Then last night Mom shoved some yucky medicine in my mouth. I want to feel better but this is getting ridiculous.

This morning Mom blasted me with more yucky medicine and I tried to fight her. Compared to what she and Ansley-Mom did to me tonight it was a walk in the park. I was relaxing on the cat tree upstairs when Mom came in the room. She talked all nice to me and then stuck me with a needle again! Ouch! I jumped down off the tree and shook the needle loose. We went through this a few times before Mom gave up and went back downstairs. A few hours later she and Ansley-Mom came up together and held me down and jammed that horrible needle back in me. I could sense that Mom was nervous and scared. I fought and yowled and tried to get away but they trapped me. I got more and more upset and scared and I bit Mom. I feel bad about doing that but I really needed to get away. It was so awful! After I bit Mom, they finally gave up and removed the needle. I heard them say that I "got most of it" so I guess they were satisfied. I was so upset I jumped up on the bed and peed all over it. I'm not sure if all that fluid made the urge to pee over-whelming or if I was really just doing it to get back at them for hurting me.

I hope I don't have to go through this every day.

-- Sparky
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Dellingram cats

Mico's Exciting Weekend

Friday night I watched SportsCenter. I love pre-season football.

Saturday, I helped my Mom do laundry.

Then I did my impersonation of the Wicked Witch of the East.

Sunday, I watched the last Yankees/Mariners game.

I wasn't happy with the bullpen's pitching.

-- Mico
Dellingram cats

My Big Day

I got to leave the house today. Mom and I went in her car and went to my doctor's office. There were lots of cats and dogs in the office and they all came up and smelled my travel cage. The doctor and other humans there kept saying how cute I am. I don't know why they keep saying this, I already know it. They stuck things in my ears and in my butt then they poked me with something sharp near my tail - three times. I was glad my mom was there because as soon as the doctor was done abusing me, I ran to mom and tried to hide my head in her armpit. That didn't work so I climbed up her shirt instead. Then mom took me home and I cuddled up in her lap and slept. I slept most of the afternoon and just woke up to eat some of Callie's food. I'm full now and I'm sore. I'm going back to sleep.
-- Mico
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Stupid humans

I don't understand my Mom. First she makes us stay at some weird lady's house for a month, then ansley drives us a million miles in her little car. Sparky, Izzy, Bernie, Omar and I were locked in little cages for the entire journey but that asshole dog got to get out and run around on a regular basis. Anyway, we finally made it to some podunk little town and a strange new house. OK, the house is pretty cool. We've got two stories and lots of windows to look out. Through the window I can see that there are these funny brown animals with big bushy tails that run along the fences and climb trees. We didn't have animals like that back in Las Vegas. Too bad I can't go outside and see them up close. Oh well.

So anyway, I don't know what Mom has been thinking lately. First she lets Ansley bring Izzy into our house. Then she lets her bring that fucking dog with her when we moved to Oregon. Now she lets Ansley bring that little bastard Mico into the house. I miss the days when it was just Sparky and me and Mom. I wish the intruders would all go back to Las Vegas and leave us alone.

In other news, I tricked Mom this morning and spit out one of my pills. She didn't even try to force it back down my throat like she usually does.

I haven't puked yet today. Will have to work on that.
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